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2015 Blue Heron

Color: White

This Late Harvest wine is done in the style of many of the great dessert wines from the north. Complex and rich, Blue Heron is created from the Prairie Star varietal and has floral characteristics as well as hints of apple and pear. It pairs well with cheesecake and fresh fruit. This a great wine to cap off an evening with family and friends.

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2015 Poncu 

Color: Red/Fortified Wine

Enjoy Mac's Creek's first fortified dessert wine. The wine label represents the McFarland Family cattle brand used by Dale "Bud" McFarland, father to owner Max McFarland. He loved his big Stetson hats and so in his honor a Stetson hat is placed hanging off the corner of the brand. To understand the name of the wine you must move ahead three generations to co-owner Barry McFarland. When a little boy Barry could not pronounce the word Grandpa so instead of of referring to Grandpa Bud he called him Poncu... and the name has stuck. Poncu is not available in stores and must be purchased at the estate winery.

So what is Port wine? Port is a fortified wine. Fortified wines are made by adding a proportion of grape spirit, or brandy, to the wine at some point during the production process.