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Seven DIY Projects for Your Home

It’s the pieces of décor that turn a house into your home. The picture frames, wall art, table pieces, plants, and other decorations allow you to add your personal aesthetic into your home. The trick is to find decor that’s cute and trendy, while still unique and unquestionably you. That’s why DIY projects are the perfect way to style your home. You’re able to create a home that reflects your personality. 

The best part about DIY projects is that it provides an easy way to live sustainability, without much work. Instead of wasting your used wine corks and bottles, transform them into vintage and rustic home décor. You can bring sustainability into your home while crafting your house’s aesthetic with these DIYS.

Wine Cork Bath Mat
Add a rustic vibe to your bathroom by converting your old wine corks into a bath mat. The cork acts as an absorbent while also feeling comfortable on your toes. This DIY mat is made up of only wine corks, hot glue sticks, and a non-adhesive shelf liner.

Plant Labels
Add a rustic twist to your sustainable garden with individual plant labels. Simply drill a small hole into a left over cork and attach it to a metal skewer. Use a sharpie to label your cork with the name of the plant or herb you’re growing.

Cork Memo Board
Make use of your leftover corks by converting them into a memo board for your kitchen. Before starting this project, look for a picture frame at local yard sales or thrift shops. Choosing an older frame will add a vintage vibe to your rooms.

Wine Cork Coasters
Stop worrying about water rings and recycle your old wine corks into coasters. To make this trendy craft, all you have to do is cut old corks in half and glue them onto sand paper. To add a more personalized touch, cut your sand paper in different shapes like circles or squares.

Wine Bottle Succulent Planter
Give your succulent garden a unique look by using wine bottles as planters. We recommend trying different sizes and shapes to add variety into your garden.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
Update the standard bird feeder by using an empty wine bottle. This DIY takes a little more time compared to the others, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Fireflies in a Bottle
Add a little romance to your backyard area with fireflies in a bottle. Add strands of lights into empty wine bottles to give your living room or kitchen a soft golden glow.

DIY with some delicious appetizers and a few glasses of Mac’s Creek wine and you’ve got a fun night in with friends. Start planning your next ladies night and pick up your favorite bottle at multiple retail locations across the state of Nebraska. Find a retail location near you and start collecting bottles and corks for your sustainable crafts.