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2017 Celtic Aire

Color: White

Our Celtic Aire has quickly become one of Mac’s Creek premier wines. Made from the LaCrosse grape this wine features flavors of pear and citrus unfold across a light texture. The finish is fresh and elegant, with lingering fruit essence.

Named from the light tunes that can be heard throughout our homeland of Ireland, Celtic Aire is a true reflection of the light spirit and unpretentious nature of this great wine.

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2017 Mac's Lantern

Color: Rosé

This is one of Mac’s Creek signature wines. Created from the hardy cold-tolerant Frontenac grape, Mac's Lantern is a semi-dry red that features a nice fruit flavor that has distinct hints of cherry and pairs well with just about anything that comes right off the grill.

In Scotland the McFarland family was well known for their cattle rustling under the cover of night (or cattle relocation program as we like to call it). For this reason in Scotland the full moon is referred to as Mac’s Lantern.

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